Apparel And Textiles Fall Further Behind Overall Import Growth in December

Total US imports rose 10.5% in December compared to the same month last year to $186.2 billion. From November to December there was strong demand for imported industrial supplies and materials, capital goods, automobiles and parts, and consumer products. Imports of foods, and beverages declined compared to last month.

Total exports rose by 8.7% to record levels. Exports of industrial supplies, machinery, cars, foods and beverages were offset by declines in consumer product exports vs. last month.

Apparel imports declined slightly in December to $6.03 billion.  Though a much smaller number, apparel exports rose an outstanding 15.6%, to $427 million. Apparel exports to Canada and Mexico comprised over half the total, followed at a distance by those to Japan and the United Kingdom. Exports to Honduras, the DR, Costa Rica and Spain declined considerably, while those to Chile, the Netherlands, Taiwan and China increased significantly.


Textile imports increased by 6% in dollars compared to the same month last year, while exports gained only 1% to $900 million. Textile exports remain at near record high levels, thanks to healthy shipments to Canada and Mexico (which together comprise about half the total), and CAFTA countries El Salvador, the DR, Honduras and China.


International Trade Statistics % Chg  Dec Nov Dec
  vs LY 2011 2011 2010
Total US Imports 10.5 186,230 192,488 168,544
Total US Exports 8.7 128,252 127,604 118,013
Total US Deficit 14.7 57,978 64,884 50,531
Apparel Imports -0.2 6,039 6,774 6,050
Apparel Exports 15.6 427 448 369
Apparel Deficit -1.2 5,613 6,326 5,681
Textile Imports 6.0 1,849 2,046 1,744
Textile Exports 1.0 906 1,014 897
Textile Deficit 11.3 943 1,032 847
App & Text as % of Tot Def   11.3 11.3 12.9